A Review of the Socio-Religious Functions of a Modibbo in the Fulbe Communities of Yobe State

    Throughout history and among various   Muslim communities,  scholars performed a  wide range of functions. Such roles varied depending on time and place as well as circumstances, but the basic ones are teaching and or preaching as well as leading in prayers (Salah). Modibbo is a Fulfulde name for a scholar, and among Fulbe communities spread across many African countries, the Modibbo served the following roles: Teaching (Janginuki), preaching (Wa’aji), lead in prayer (Limtoowo) as well as proffer medication using secrets (Sirriji) of the Qur’an. Beside all these roles, the Modibbo also became in the position to perform Islamic medical functions by virtue of a long time training he received in various schools (Jangirle) and under many scholars (Modibbe). Throughout the training, he acquired the diverse knowledge (Andal) which allows him to execute the said functions. Yobe State of Nigeria as a case study, the Modibbo performed such roles in the Fulbe communities. The research paper, seeks to analyse such roles of a Modibbo in Fulbe communities in the state, using both written and field information.

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    author/Dr. Muhammad Bello Ibrahim & Muhammad Umar

    journal/Zamfara IJOH Vol. 1 Issue 3