Article Submission

    Guidelines and other information
    1. Articles should not be more than 15 to 18 pages in A4 double-line spacing. Such article should be original and contain previously unpublished data, interpretation or synthesis.
    2. Submitted articles will be peer-reviewed.
    3. The article should be accompanied with an abstract of not more than 150-200 words with the format: introduction, aim, methodology, findings and conclusion.
    4. Article should be submitted as a soft copy through electronic mail MS-Word attachment to
    5. There should be a brief biographical note on a separate page.
    6. The cover paper should bear the title of the paper, the author’s name and the institution’s affiliation.
    7. The article must have passed plagiarism test of not more than 25%

    Body of the Study
    The body of the study should contain; Introduction, Objectives, Review of Relevant Literature, Procedures: Data presentation and Analysis, results, Conclusion and Recommendation.

    How to Submit
    Contributors who wish to have their articles published in ZIJOH Journal are requested to forward them to:

    The Editor-in-chief,
    Zamfara International Journal of Humanities Faculty of Humanities
    Federal University Gusau-Nigeria
    Website Address: