Chronicles and other Records in the Development of African Historiography


    This paper examines the role of chronicles and other records in re-writing and reconstruction of African history, its challenges and positions as rejoinder to the contribution of Eurocentric scholars on the distortion of African history. Some of the inherent challenges included lack of comprehensive written records as holistic archaeological evidence that covers all zones of Africa from past. These inadequacies have left Africa’s historical writing were discovered by foreign adventurers, sailors, writers and amateur historians, most of the European writers never ventured beyond the coastal fringes of the areas of Africa they visited. Chronicles in Africa are of special interest in the historiography of the continent, records and processes by which states and societies emerged and trade relations of people of various geo-political zones interacts were recorded in the chronicles. For better clarification, the paper adopted a multidisciplinary approach of data collection and historical interpretation..

    Keywords: Chronicles, Other Records and Historiography

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    author/Ahmed Ibrahim

    journal/Zamfara IJOH Vol. 1 Issue 3