Representation of Nature in the Poetry of Olajire Olanlokun


    This paper appraises selected poems from Olajire Olanlokun’s Children’s Poetry for Pleasure. It aims at establishing the extent to which the poems are archetypal nature poems. The theory deployed in the study is Ecocriticism, a school of thought which studies the relationship between literature and nature. The paper is significant in the sense that it enlarges the corpus of discourse in Children’s poetry in particular and Green Literature or Ecocritical studies in general. There has been a pronounced dearth of research in Children’s poetry in Nigeria as attention has been particularly paid to the prose fiction (stories) in expense of the poetic genre (verses). The peculiarities of both genres are poles apart as while stories can be complex and extensive, poetry is crisp and short. Children’s poetry also comes with sound and cadence, hence easily excites the psyche of children; making a work of this nature symbolic. The paper is also significant as it explores verses of nature predilection in a world which batters its natural endowment and environment, despite its attendant risk to humanity.  The methodology used is qualitative as relevant poems are identified and evaluated in line with the literary elements they embody.

    Key terms: Children’s poetry, Ecocriticism, Green literature, Nature poems

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    author/Ugochukwu Ogechi Iwuji, PhD

    journal/Zamfara IJOH Vol. 1 Issue 3