The Impact of Tones on the Meaning of Lexical Terms in Higgi Language

    The Higgi language has about six hundred and twelve thousand three hundred and eighteen thousand (612,380,000) speakers going by the 2006 Nigerian national population census. The Higgi people are in Adamawa state Nigeria and some parts of the republic of Cameroon. The language is a part of the Chadic language. The study identifies the fact that a tone language draws meaning from a change in the pitch during articulation. A change in a pitch/tone when articulating a particular word brings about a change in meaning. This study intends to educate Higgi language speakers and those who have interest in the study of the language and also educate people on the effect of tone on meaning relations in Higgi language. Controversies abide in Higgi language owing to dialectical variations, but this study focused strictly on Bazza dialect of the language. Data for the study was collected using the random sampling technique. Thirty lexical items were word listed out of which ten lexical items were picked for the analysis. Data for the study was analysed using the discursive method of data analysis.

    Keywords: Pitch, Intonation, Tone, Articulation, Phyla and Phonemic

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    author/Wada Richard Sylvester

    journal/Zamfara IJOH Vol. 1 Issue 3