History of the Institutionalization of Instruments of Coercion and Control in Katsina Emirate During the Colonial Period, 1903-1960


    The establishment and institutionalization of instruments of coercion and control for the exploitation of human and material resources was a central feature of the British colonial administration, in Katsina. This paper has discussed the various instruments of coercion such as police, courts and prison, and their impact on the lives of the people of Katsina. These instruments of coercion were under the Native Authority, a system institutionalized for the success of British colonial exploitation and control in the area of study. The paper has been written based on the identification, assessment, and corroboration of primary sources, particularly archival and oral sources recovered in the field. The use of the sources in their primary form broadens understanding of the nature, form and experience of colonial exploitation during the period of study.

    Keywords: Coercion, Control, Katsina Emirate, Colonial Period

    DOI: 10.36349/zamijoh.2023.v02i02.011

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    author/ Hussaina B.K. Ibrahim, PhD

    journal/Zamfara IJOH Vol. 2, Issue 2