Traditional Mechanisms of Conflict Resolution in Africa: A Pathway to Sustainable Peace in Nigeria


    This study delved into the traditional mechanisms of conflict resolution in Africa; A pathway to sustainable peace in Nigeria. It deployed the qualitative method of data collection and content analysis. The work was adopted as a tool for analysis of the Peace Process theory propounded by John Darby and Roger Macunity. It ascertained that disputes or disagreements are unarguably and necessarily an inevitable part of human existence flowing directly from communication, interaction and relationships which can occur at individual, national and even international levels. Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) mechanism is a basket of procedures outside the traditional process of litigation or strict determination of legal rights. It may also be elucidated as a range of procedures that serve as generally involve the intercession and assistance of a neutral and impartial third party. The traditional mechanisms of conflict resolution in Africa are alien to the Western world, this paper is of utmost importance to the Western world and also enriched their pool of literature. Nigeria is a country that is dominated by various ethnic groups anchored on diverse cultures, customs and traditions. It is therefore not surprising to see conflicts arise and despite the various attempts at resolving these conflicts through litigation, it remained unabated. The paper investigated the lessons learned from Traditional Mechanisms of Conflict resolution, it also interrogated its impact on conflict resolution and the way forward. In light of the lessons that were learnt and the impact of the traditional mechanisms of conflict resolution; suggestions on how to attain sustainable peaceful society were proffered. In conclusion, the study crystallized reforms on the alternative dispute resolution introduced through the traditional mechanism which includes amongst others that constitutional recognition should be given to traditional institutions of conflict resolution to enable quick dispensation of matters.

    Keywords: Traditional, Conflict, Peace and Resolution  

    DOI: 10.36349/zamijoh.2023.v02i03.007

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    author/Dr. Ejovi Austine & Iwegbu Chuks Justus 

    journal/Zamfara IJOH Vol. 2, Issue 3