A Morphological Study of Clippings in Nigerian English


    This study examines a Morphological study of Clippings used in Nigerian English as a case study. The study discovers that Clippings have a wide spread use among Nigerians, particularly in public organizations and in some private organizations. The professional users of English, the Journalists, Newspapers, the publishers, Radio and Broadcast, Electronic and Prints media and General users are paramount stakeholders in the affairs of Clippings. It is also, found that Nigerian users find it easy to communicate their messages through Clippings. The Nigerian English users literates or illiterate are aspire to speak and use Clippings in their day to day activities. It also highlights the Nature and features of Clippings. The study reveals the functions, similarities/ differences and barriers in comprehending Clippings used in Nigerian English. However, the study brings out the processes of word formation in regards to Clippings. The research questions have been answered in response to the aim and objectives of the study. The Clippings found in the data were processed based on their morphological structure which helped to bring out their uses in Nigeria. Finally, the study establishes the fact that Clippings are not static as Clippings may come at front, middle or at the end.

    Keywords: Morphology, Clippings, Nigeria, Word formation and English

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    author/Sani Galadima

    journal/Zamfara IJOH Vol. 1 Issue 3