Islamic Economic Empowerment and its Role in Poverty Alleviation (A Study of Kano Metropolis)


    This research examines the Islamic Economic Empowerment and its Role in Poverty alleviation, the aim and objectives of this paper is to find out how Islam as a religion identified ways to address the poverty problems in the society. The scope of the paper is the Kano metropolis, the significant the work will helps the government, stakeholders and individuals in tackling the menace of poverty among the people in Kano Metropolis. The methodology employed in conducting the paper was field works both primary and secondary sources were used. The role of Islamic Economic Empowerment was main focus and discuss in this paper, however, the research finding revealed that there are several ways responsible for fighting the poverty among peoples in Kano metropolis, the research further recommended government to properly employ the strategist laid down by the Islam in solving the problems of poverty in Kano metropolis.

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    author/Uzairu Kasim Ramadan & Surunbai Sani Usman

    journal/Zamfara IJOH Vol. 1 Issue 3