A Stylistics Analysis of Language of Advertisement of GSM Providers in Selected Nigerians newspapers


    No doubt, language plays a key role in communication and it is of paramount importance in advertising. Advertising is a form of communication because it involves the sender, the message and the receiver. The advertiser uses persuasive and creative language to draw the attention of his audience. It is against this backdrop, that this research paper tends to depict the stylistics analysis of language of advertisement in selected Nigerian Newspapers. The paper aimed at bringing out the stylistics features of language as used in thee selected Nigerian Newspapers. Part of the objectives was to examine the stylistic features of GSM network providers’ newspapers advertisements. Data were collected through the primary and secondary sources. Systemic Functional Linguistics was employed as the theoretical framework of analysis. The paper discovered among other things that telecommunications providers commonly use devices such as graphology and foregrounding for emphasis and to attract the attention of the reader. On the whole, the study concludes that the strategies and devices by the GSM network providers through the Newspapers advertisement are very instrumental to the effectiveness of GSM network providers’ advertising in Nigerian newspapers.

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    author/Saidu O. Yahaya & Enikanolaiye Ganiyat Adebunmi

    journal/Zamfara IJOH Vol. 1 Issue 3