Darfur Crisis and its Implication on Search for Peace and Development in North Eastern Nigeria


    Undoubtedly, the idea and practice of searching for peace and development are as old as humanity, then it follows that the history of wars and conflicts, which are its harbingers, is older. Given that scenario, there is hardly any doubt that the United Nations Security Council remains the World’s principal body vested with the responsibility of maintaining of International Peace and Security. Notwithstanding the success of the United Nations in resolving numerous conflicts across the world, the situation of violent conflict in Africa, Darfur region of Sudan in particular, has become a monster to be tamed. The region has become a theater of violent conflicts with high as a result of such crisis in the region. Conflict have escalated to other neighboring state to Darfur (North Eastern Nigeria Inclusive). Similarly it is presumed that war and conflict are like a wildfire they spread from one region to another. And it is for such reason that conflict have manifested from Darfur to some part of North Eastern Nigeria because of the boarder connection. It was presume that the proliferation of weapons in most African countries was as a result of such kind of crisis in Darfur. Against this backdrop this paper intends to examine the implication of Darfur crisis in search for peace and development in North Eastern Nigeria. In so doing the paper adopt the content analysis as it methodology. Some of the finding of this study showcase that the conflict in Darfur to a large extent implies the failure of AU and UN in handling conflict situation so far, the conflict has appeared to have defied all efforts at resolving it by both African Union (AU) and United Nation Organization, furthermore it demonstrated the complications of the African conflict. The multidimensional nature of the conflict made its resolution complicated and problematic. Finally the study recommends that there should be more commitment by African leaders in the area of de-escalating of conflicts in troubled parts of the continent and Relationships between communities need to be knitted together village by village in the context of numerous tribal agreements. Support to livelihoods is an important entry point for peace initiatives at the tribal level because different livelihood groups need to collaborate over access to natural resources.

    Keywords: Darfur, Darfur Crisis, Conflicts, Peace, Development and North eastern Nigeria

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    author/Abubakar Salihu & Asma Hussein M Adam

    journal/Zamfara IJOH Vol. 1 Issue 3