Taxonomy, Historiography and Bibliography of Nigerian Children’s Literature


    This paper investigates tripartite issues of taxonomy, history and bibliography which are germane to Nigerian Children’s literature. These basic and foundational issues have over time escaped the concerns of researchers in the field, creating an epistemological hiatus that may need to be plugged. Children’s literature is steadily emerging as a vibrant area of literary discourse. Nigeria now boasts of researchers who have gone prolific in the genre unlike what the reality used to be. It is heartwarming that a lot of universities in Nigeria now possess well-developed Children’s Literature units a reliable manpower. In the past, it was difficult for instance to see graduate researches in Children’s literature. However that trend now belongs to the realm of the past as many graduate researchers are identifying with the field as it is gradually appearing to be the future of Literature, especially in a world where postmodernist and anti-essentialist poetics are fast gaining grounds. Accordingly, this paper is intended to enlarge epistemic boundaries in Children’s literature by identifying tripartite issues of taxonomy, historiography and bibliography which are at the core of the field. This will further arm researchers with relevant epistemic development that will further boost the corpus of studies in the field. It is also remarkable to establish that most scholars in the field are arguably not quite conversant with the taxonomic and bibliographical paradigms in Children’s literature, a reason why a research such as this is an interventionist one. The methodology deployed in the research is analytical and hermeneutic in line with the qualitative research in the humanities.

    Keywords: Children’s literature, literary discourse, taxonomy, historiography and bibliography

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    author/Adah Abechi Agada & Ugochukwu Ogechi Iwuji

    journal/Zamfara IJOH Vol. 1 Issue 3