Factors Responsible for Job Satisfaction of Librarians in Tertiary Institutions in Nigeria: A View from Bauchi and Adamawa States


    Job satisfaction portrays the level of contentment by an individual as a result of their work and work environment. However, in cases where the working conditions have not gone down well with employees, they tend to exhibit lackadaisical attitude to work. In extreme cases they down tool through one form of industrial actions or the other. The objectives of the study therefore, were to investigate the factors affecting job satisfaction of academic librarians in tertiary institutions of Bauchi and Adamawa states. Descriptive survey method was adopted for this study. The subjects of the study are the academic librarians of tertiary institutions of Bauchi and Adamawa states. The total population of the academic librarians according to the data obtained as at the time of this research was one hundred and twenty-eight (128). This comprises academic librarians from all the institutions of the two states. The study discovered among other things that factors responsible for job satisfaction of librarians and factors affecting job satisfaction were very important aspect to consider in providing favorable working conditions. Therefore, the study recommended that, there is need for Bauchi and Adamawa States tertiary institutions to design and implement a working condition with clear benefits needed to provide conducive environment specifically for librarians, in Adamawa and Bauchi states and Nigeria at large.

    Keywords:  Librarian, Academic, Job, Satisfaction, Tertiary, Institutions

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    author/Aliyu Nasiru Muhammad & Aishatu Umaru Abdullahi

    journal/Zamfara IJOH Vol. 1 Issue 3