A Study on the Development of Functional Curriculum for the Teaching of ICT in Technical and Vocational Education in Nigeria

    Education is the most potent force that can foster the desired national development of every country. It is the development of character or mental power and it is the pivot of human resource development. It is through education that technical know-how could be attained and sustained. Technical education is seen as that aspect of education which leads to the acquisition of practical and applied skills as well as basic scientific knowledge. It is against this backdrop that this research paper conducts a study on the development of functional curriculum for the teaching of ICT in Technical and Vocational Education in Nigeria. The paper sees curriculum in ICT to comprise all the learning experience given to the child under the auspices of the teachers. The paper discuss such terms as technical and vocational education, ICT and curriculum development, factor hindering curriculum implementation among others. Part of the objectives of the study was to develop ICT curriculum for the benefit of teaching in technical and vocational education. Questionnaire and interview methods were employed to gather data for this work. Determinism Theory which holds that man’s feelings, actions, and thoughts are shaped by evolving technologies was used as the theoretical framework of analysis. The paper discovered among other things that ICTs are revolutionizing education by removing distance from education and making knowledge more accessible to all. The paper then concludes that, distance education through the use of ICTs is believed by many to hold potential in addressing critical problems facing skills development at the present in Nigeria, and by extension across the globe.

    Keywords: Education, Technical, Vocational, Curriculum, and ICT

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    author/Anthonia Omeneke Ohieku et al

    journal/Zamfara IJOH Vol. 1 Issue 3