At the grant of independence Nigerians were hopeful for socio-economic development. The hope was dashed due to corruption, mismanagement of the nation’s resources by civilian-led administration. The military intervened in the nation’s politics to rescue the poor socio-economic condition of Nigerians..  Consequently, the paper focused on military in politics and rural development by examining the development administration efforts of the military in the development of Nigerian rural areas. The military in politics and its development administration was a rural development strategy to alleviate the suffering of the people living in the rural areas in Nigeria. The paper adopted a historical research method which relied on secondary data and it also adopted direct military participation theory. The paper revealed that the Nigerian military in politics was corrective in nature. The military seized power in Nigeria to change the poor socio-economic and political system. Therefore, the military embarked on several developmental programmes such as the creation of local government, rural banking programmes, the Directorate For Food, Roads and Rural Infrastructure (DIFFRI ), National Directorate for Employment. The paper revealed that undue political interference, unstable cash-flow to finance programme and inadequate qualified personnel to handle some of the programmes/projects constrained the impact of the military development administration efforts in the  rural areas. The paper recommended among others that Nigeria government should designed no-stop financing plan for every rural development programme and train adequate rural dwellers to manage some of the needed programmes/projects

    Keywords:  Military in politics, politics, development, development administration, rural development

    DOI: 10.36349/zamijoh.2023.v02i01.006

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    author/Dr. Ogbe, H.E. & Dr. Ejovi, A.

    journal/Zamfara IJOH Vol. 2, Issue 1