Analysing Communication Quality in Undergraduate Essay Writing


    This study attempts to examine a communication quality in students written texts from four selected universities in north western Nigeria with a view to identifying students’ level of success in their written activity. The researcher uses Crjcie and Morgan (1990) sampling table and selects at random from four selected universities one hundred (100) students and fifty (50) texts for analysis. The said scripts have been analyzed using The English Language Testing Service (ELTS) for analysis. Students’ good and bad usage of writings have been highlighted and discussed. The study reveals students’ level of success as experts, and very good writers while good and competent writers found were very few. The modest writers were predominantly identified as the most frequent student writers with 40%percent. The study highlights students’ performances with 34% percent, which means student writers comprise of marginal and limited writers (below averages). The study reveals that some students have problem of spelling, Punctuations and grammar in their written texts while very few student- writers have expressed a sense of mastery of the language and of the ability to handle the topic with complete competence. The study reveals students’ level of success as expert and very good are not found. It also reveals students’ level of success as good or competent writers are very few while students’ level of success as modest writers is predominantly discovered.

    Keywords: Communication quality, students’ level of success, shortcomings

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    author/I.G. Mustapha & Hannatu Isa Dodo PhD

    journal/Zamfara IJOH Vol. 1 Issue 1 & 2