Marxist Tendencies in Abubakar Gimba’s This Land of Ours


    This work takes a look at the Marxist theory as a tool, with a view to understanding the works of Abubakar Gimba. This paper examines This Land of Ours from a Marxist perspective through an analysis of themes, form, and all other poetic devices. The work looks at Inner Rumblings by identifying the Marxist ideas of the writer under study. This is done through the contents of the writer’s published poems. The Luckacsian reflection Model of Marxism serves as a suitable model for the paper. The findings show that Marxist ideas in the diction and contents of the poems of Gimba abounds. It makes for a balance of the assertion that Gimba is one of those writers of poetry that write with a purpose which is to achieve conscientization, function as an advocate the the less priviledged and oppressed people of the society amongst other functions as spelt out in the poems..

    Keywords: Marxism, Lukacsian Reflection Model

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    author/Jonathan Ogbu

    journal/Zamfara IJOH Vol. 1 Issue 1 & 2