Assessment of an Evaluation on the effect of Immunization on Child Development in Gombe Local Govt. Area Gombe-Nigeria


    Immunization has made momentous contribution to public wellbeing in the African Region, including eradication, elimination and control of life threatening diseases. Hospitalization due to vaccine preventable diseases has been drastically reduced due to introduction of new effective vaccines. However, optimizing the benefits of immunization by achieving high general coverage has met with many challenges. This research provides accurate information on the Effect of Immunization on Child Development in Gombe Local Government Area of Gombe State, Nigeria. Therefore Level of Immunization uptake was analyzed with over 70%, also effect of the immunization on child development was equally analyzed. Numbers of 400 Mothers/caregivers were randomly interviewed and systematic sampling techniques were used to obtain their housing samples. Inferential and Descriptive statistics were used to analyze data obtained from the field. The result shows that Immunization is no doubt a way of improving Child health and Development in the study Area with 0.000 significant levels (p value ≤ 0.05). The study recommends that: Government should improve awareness campaigns and empowerment of parents especially women/caregivers of the study Area. Additional Health care facilities should be constructed around some Areas of the Political wards for effective Immunizations service delivery to avoid congestion and waste of time to the mothers/caregiver. Government should employ additional manpower for efficient and easy immunization services, easy networking systems should be provided for easy report of monthly, quarterly or annual immunization status to the Federal capital territory Abuja. Available power supply should be ensured to avoid vaccine spoilage in refrigerators. Government should also encourage formal Education to higher levels as it is one of the factors that influences immunization uptake. Lastly, traditional and religious leaders should put hands in encouraging Parents on the Immunization uptake in the Study Area.

    Keywords: Immunization, Child Development, Effect and Level

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    author/Sani Dayyabu et al

    journal/Zamfara IJOH Vol. 1 Issue 1 & 2