A Linguistic Analysis of Nominal and Verbal Group Structural Patterns in some Nigerian Newspaper Editorials

    The paper analyses the occurrences of structural patterns of nominal and verbal groups. This is with a view to portraying the innovative use of language that such types of writing represent and also reveal the complexities that are embedded in clause structure to which these groups are important parts. The data for the study were drawn from five issues each of two popular Nigerian newspaper editorials: The Daily Trust and Thisday newspapers. The editorial was analysed first for occurrences of basic structural types of the nominal and verbal groups in English (H, MH, HQ and MHQ) and then for occurrences of possible nominal and verbal groups modifiers ((M, MM, MMM etc.) and qualifier structural types. The findings show that there are structural complexities found in the newspaper editorial due to the use of many rankshifted elements especially in the nominal group. Similarly, there are differences in the nature of these complexities between the editorials of the different newspapers studied partly associated with stylistics of individual writers and also due to the nature of the topics under discussion. Systemic Functional Linguistics was adopted as the main theoretical framework; however, insights were also drawn from Contrastive Analysis in the course of data analysis.

    Keywords: Nominal group, Verbal group, Nigerian newspaper, Systemic Functional Linguistics

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    author/Mudassir Ismail Moyi & Isah Abdulmumini

    journal/Zamfara IJOH Vol. 1 Issue 3