Implications of Socio-Demographic Characteristics on Death Registration in Lafia Metropolis of Nasarawa State, Nigeria


    For adequate planning at the national and regional levels, a nation requires detailed information about the socio-demographic characteristics of her population. This paper examines the implications of socio-demographic characteristics on death registration in Lafia Metropolis of Nasarawa State, Nigeria. A survey design was adopted. A sample of 384 respondents were drawn, using the multi stage sampling techniques including simple random, systematic sampling, clustered and purposive sampling techniques in the selection of electoral wards, towns/villages, main streets, houses, households and individuals. Primary data were utilized in the study. The primary data were generated through the use of questionnaires. The questionnaires were analyzed quantitatively using cross tabulation and chi-square. The study discovered that demographic characteristics like educational level, age and occupation of the respondents affect knowledge and awareness of death registration in the study population. Therefore, the study recommends that Government, donor agencies, and relevant stakeholders should be more proactive in improving and strengthening the death registration system in the country and there should be massive sensitization and awareness raising in the country on the importance of death registration

    Keywords: Socio-Demographic Characteristics, Death, Registration, Metropolis, Lafia 

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    author/Mamman Matthew Samuel et al

    journal/Zamfara IJOH Vol. 1 Issue 3