The Heroine and Others: Feminist Collaborations in Purple Hibiscus


    From its introduction to the present in the Nigerian literary space, feminist narratives portray in diverse ways the experiences of the female gender, which are largely negative. It is based on these experiences that the authors, mostly female champion the need to take redefining steps towards altering conditions that limit the female gender and institute a counter discourse against the patriarchal conception of the female gender as an insignificant other. Recognizing that the feminist agenda is not an individualistic affair, feminist authors create different female characters who collaborate to achieve the ultimate goal of feminism and liberation of women. This noble notion has however been constrained by the diverse interpretations of feminist narratives through the experiences of the perceived heroine. The neglect of other female characters against their contributions to the development of the plot and ultimately the feminist goal is the thrust of this endeavor. Engaging the female characters in Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie’s Purple Hibiscus, purposively selected for this study, I hope to demonstrate that together with the perceived heroine, female characters in feminist narratives collaborate to negotiate with patriarchy the rights and the privileges of women in the society. Adopting an eclectic approach to feminism, the study argues that female characters though independent in their thoughts and experiences join forces together directly or indirectly to fight and positively alter conditions of their gender in the society. Thus, they collectively engage patriarchy and champion better conditions of life for themselves. It is through this that feminist narratives become formidable in interpreting and translating the negative experiences of the female gender. The paper concludes that beyond this, they advocate for a change in the patriarchal order and vigorously pursue not just feminist but also nationalist ideologies. 

    Keywords: Feminist Narratives, Feminist Agenda, Female Characters, Heroine, Gynocentric   Aesthetics

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    author/Adeyemi Amos Adegboyega

    journal/Zamfara IJOH Vol. 1 Issue 3