The Impact of Effective Time Management on Productivity in an Organization: A Case of Professional Office Assistant

    Organization is an association of persons aimed at achieving certain set of objectives. It is a rational coordination of the activities of a number of people for the achievement of some common well defined goals, through division of labour and function and through a hierarchy of authority and responsibility. Effective time management could also be seen as the art and science of rational use of time which is the science of effective time investment, a process of planning, organizing, coordinating, monitoring, directing, motivating and communicating. It is against this backdrop that this paper seeks to educate every employee of an organization on the effective management of time to achieve the set organizational goals, though with a special emphasis on a Professional Office Assistant. The paper explains the concepts of time management, productivity, Professional Office Assistant all geared towards administrative effectiveness in an organization with interest on the effective time management.  Primary and secondary data were used to gather data for this work. Linkert scale format was used to design the questionnaire. On the whole, the paper concludes among other things that there is a relationship between time management and administrative effectiveness. Thus, all the activities being performed by administrators are done within the time hence time management cannot be separated from administrators’ efficiency.

    Key Words: Organization, Time Management, Professional Office Assistant

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    author/Bulus Daniel Maiyaki, (PhD)

    journal/Zamfara IJOH Vol. 1 Issue 3